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Pasadena Host Lions's Contact Information

Phone: (626) 683-1420
Address: P.O. Box 364 Pasadena, CA 91102-0364


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Send to Whom? 2nd Vice President - (Kerstin Brucki)
  Director - (Richard Kasten)
  First Vice President - (Donna Pomerantz)
  Immediate Past President/LCIF - (Mitch Pomerantz)
  Leo Clubs Advisor - (Cal Smith)
  Membership Chair - (Ron Bailey)
  President - (Jhoana Hirasuna)
  Secretary - (Rob Curtiss)
  Tail Twister - (Kirit Davé)
  Trading Pins - (Lorraine Magner)
  Treasurer - (Dan Gaby)
  - (Tom Kester)
  - (Linda Birch)
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