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Historically, Olive M. Harris was a volunteer worker in the office of Lion Ted Smith, who at the time was Civil Defense Director for the City of Pasadena. During her years as volunteer worker she became aware of the activities of Pasadena Lions Club; particularly as they relate to our work with and for, the blind. She learned about the Pasadena Braille Club, the Vista Nova Home for the Blind, the Lions Eye-Bank, student assistance, White Cane Days, and our help in general to the visually impaired.

In the Spring of 1971, Olive M. Harris passed away and the Pasadena Lions Club lost one its ardent supporters. In expression of her concern, she left a bequest of $50,000 to Pasadena Lions Club, which was the beginning of the Memorial Trust Fund. Since that time, the fund has been augmented by other bequests and gifts from persons, who likewise have become interested in our work.

In 2004, another devoted Pasadena Lion, Georgy Russell, having served the club as its president and chairperson of the Memorial Trust, upon her passing, bequeathed her estate to the trust, thereby increasing its size four fold. Thanks to her generosity and love of Lionism, the Memorial Trust is now fully empowered to meet its mission statement and beyond, and truly improve lives in a meaningful way.

Thank you Olive Harris and Georgy Russell and now Ted R. Smith for your love and dedication and service to Lionism. We who manage your legacy pledge our honor to you that your generosity will bring maximum benefit to all it assists and your names will inexorably linked with its well springs.

There is no better investment in the future of Pasadena, than by naming the Pasadena Host Lions Memorial Trust as a beneficiary of your will or bequest, helping continue our legacy of "We Serve". With a growing Memorial Trust, financial stewardship is sound. An independent board of five members and two advisors evaluate all investments to ensure need, a commitment to cause and most importantly: results.

The saga of the Memorial Trust Fund closes with a fitting eulogy: "It may be said that from the great hearts of two ladies, a mighty fund has grown, ever to live on, helping the sightless and visually impaired - to see all things beautiful, along with the betterment and welfare of children and the handicapped."

Since 2007, the Memorial Trust has awarded grants totaling over $260,000 to community organizations.


Funding requests to the Pasadena Lions Memorial Trust should be made utilizing the grant application and fully meet the grant criteria as available below.

Make a Donation Today: (626) 683-1420

Pasadena Host Lions Memorial Trust Fund
P.O. Box 364
Pasadena, California 91102-0364

Memorial Trust Grant Criteria and Application

Click here for Grant Application pdf file.

Donation Request Criteria


The trust is created and devoted exclusively for charitable purposes or for the betterment and welfare of children or the welfare of handicapped persons, particularly handicapped in sight or hearing, either directly or by contributions to organizations duly authorized to carry on such activities and which have established their tax-exempt status under the provisions of Section 501 (c) (3) and Section 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Trust assets shall only be used within the United State and not elsewhere


Should be presented in writing on Memorial Trust application form (available in our Document Library) and a letter of introduction on personal or organization letterhead signed by the recipient, sponsor or chairperson.

Requests should demonstrate specific need and utilization purpose and should meet the purpose criteria stated above.


Each request will be evaluated on its ability to meet trust purpose and or demonstrate benefit to the Pasadena community and or surrounding areas served.

If an organization, please provide evidence of your tax status qualification.

Please address your request to Board Chairperson utilizing the Lions Memorial Trust grant application form found on our webpage in our "Document Library."

Memorial Trust Recent Grants

In Memory
Ron Aday, Stan Brown, Roy Coates, Gene Crane, Clarence Dykstra, Eldon Eby, David Evans, Dewey Horell, Elmer Hilgendorf, Frank Johnson, Ruby Jensen, John Lamb, Kim Johnson, Gordon Macleod, Eugene Kauk, Richard Pentico, Edward Law, Ivan Pyle, Mike Mitchell, Roy Shatafian, Tom Morgan, Glen Sinclair, Bill Oates, Lyman Theal, Paul Pierce, Michael Cadwell, Barney Reals, James Thomas, Gene Riggs, C. S. Warrington, Georgy Russell, Bob Shumway, J. Morgan Rasmussen, Ernie Smith, Stephen Deming, Ted R. Smith, Hal Towle, Mildred R. Teal, Ken Waterhouse, Richard Bennett, Nick Schultz, PDG Tom Magner.

Memorial Trust

Contact Info:

Contact the Memorial Trust Chairperson for more information.

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